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We brought out the sword & XXL dildo's for this skank. She started off by sticking rubber chickens straight up her freshly shaved cunt. It was obvious from there on in, that this chick was hardcore.
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This chick was fucking crazy. There's nothing she wouldn't stick in her pussy. You won't believe your eyes when you see this massive lava lamp crammed into her once tight asshole.
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We took out our entire dildo collection (we have a fucking shitload of them, been collecting for years). She of course wanted us to stick the biggest one up her ass. So we did, check it out!
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Flick Shagwell

This is a hardcore threesome she'll never forget. We took some big ass garden tools from out of the shed and decided to see how far in we could go. You'll be amazed with the results.
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Download this video and you'll witness one of the biggest dildo insertions in the history of sticking massive objects inside the female body. This mother of all dildos rips this pretty bitch apart!
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